Choosing The Right Layout for Your Kitchen


The layout of your kitchen is the most impactful part of your design. It affects the trajectory of your whole kitchen. The layout is essentially a blueprint of your kitchen. The goal is to have a layout that is both aesthetic and functional. When first designing a kitchen, most people typically don’t tend to first consider the layout.

The Goals of Your Layout

Purposing the layout of your kitchen will benefit you in the long run when designing your kitchen. Consider reducing traffic in your layout this can be done by making sure there is space mapped out. For example, you could have a mud room to control the chaos. Make sure to have a clear pathway through your kitchen that is hazard-free. 

Another element to take into account is the distance between fixtures and space for functionality. The kitchen is where a lot of everyday tasks are done such as preparing, serving, and cleaning up from meals.  Comfort is a key element of space in your layout that is needed for completing linear tasks.

Positioning and Placing

When building your layout, you should place the sink first. This has remained a rule of thumb for decades. Consider placing the sink near a window or on a kitchen island.

One-Wall Layout

The one-wall layout is exactly what the name entails. Every appliance you need will be located on one wall which will maximize your space efficiently. This kitchen style is typically used for smaller kitchens. If you have a smaller home or are trying to maximize the space of your kitchen this may be the best option for you.

Gallery Layout

Another great option if you are short on space is a gallery layout. A gallery layout is composed of two parallel counters which allow for a more spacious kitchen. Keep in mind the aisle space, lighting, and storage when planning this layout.

L-Shaped Layout

This is the most common layout found in kitchens. The L-Shaped layout is very versatile and created by two sections of countertops coming together to form an “L” shape. This can accommodate a center island.

U-Shaped Layout

This layout is a great way to make a statement in the kitchen. Similarly, to the L-Shaped layout, this style is also versatile and can coordinate with any kitchen size. This style creates great flow within the space of your kitchen.

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