Choosing The Right Theme for Your Kitchen


When creating your kitchen space, looking for a theme that is functional, but also compliments your personal style is not easy. The kitchen is at the heart of every home. Kitchens can reflect and exude the interests and lifestyles of the homeowners. They have the ability to transform the space by creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere for your guests.

When choosing a theme, consider how the theme will integrate with your design and overall layout. Another element to take into account when choosing a theme is how much you want the theme to be reflected in your design. For example, if your theme has a colored base you will need to decide how much of that color you want to be incorporated into the design. There are countless options when it comes to kitchen designs which can be overwhelming which is why we have broken some of our favorite themes for kitchens!

Black and White

A black and white theme for a kitchen is a common theme which is no surprise given the way this classic color combo compliments any kitchen design. This duo creates an element of contrast in your kitchen that immediately draws the eye. This theme can even be incorporated into other design elements that create variation including marble, wood flooring, subtle touches of color, warm metallics, and touches of light grey.

Modern Rustic

For a chic-rustic feel, the modern rustic theme is one that can be easily incorporated into any kitchen design. They pair well with cabins, vintage-style retro homes, retro, farmhouse style, and midcentury modern styles. This theme brings warmth and vibrancy to any kitchen. For a chic rustic feel try using rustic wood, timber cabinetry, and a mix of finishes such as brass and natural stone.  


If you are opting for a more unique style an industrial theme may be the right choice for you. What started out as an efficient workspace serval decades ago soon became a distinct style for kitchens. An industrial style is characterized by its dark moody aesthetic and homage to old factory warehouses. An industrial style kitchen is exposed by brick walls, the use of stainless steel and wood surfaces.

Time to Choose your Theme

Now that we’ve given you a rundown of what to look for you for when choosing a theme for your kitchen and shared some of our favorite themes it’s your turn!

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